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As a service guarantee to you, we shall refund to you the full working allowance with the service guarantee fee, if within a 3 months’ period, from the date the unsuccessful case was returned to you, another debt collection agency managed to retrieve the full debt for you.

This is to assure our clients maximum efforts will be utilised during recovery and we may succeed in recovering what others had failed ,but others are unlikely to successfully recover cases where DMS Group had already handled.

We do have the option of providing our recovery service with/without upfront working fees. However, most collection agencies who offer recovery service without any upfront working fees are usually simply making phone calls to debtor or conduct just a 1-2 times visitation before concluding the case (as it’s impossible for the debt collectors to continue spending their own money on travel expenses after knowing the debtor is not cooperative), so if your debtors are evasive or uncooperative, it will be more effective to utilise recovery package with working fees as those fees are meant to cover all necessary follow up transportation costs for your case. So even if a debtor refuse to pay or tends to be evasive, our collection officers will continue to conduct visitations to their addresses to press for payments.

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Financial Services Companies

Telecoms Firms

Manufacturing and Distribution

Recruitment Agencies

Trade Associations

Insurance Firms

Law Firms


Media & Marketing Companies

Advertising Organizations


Global Debt Management

(For Locating of Missing Debtor)

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