SOMETING ABOUT US Debt Management Service

From a modest start-up in 2003, we had grown into a LEADING Debt Collection Agency in Singapore. This would not have been possible without the hard works and efforts put in by our field collectors over the years to ensure all cases assigned to them are being handled with great professionalism and integrity.

You may be caught up in a dilemma not knowing which debt collection agency to entrust your case with, especially with the increasing reports of errant and dishonest debt collectors running afoul of the law. At DMS Group of Companies, your dilemma will no longer exist. We take pride in our excellent records with the respective authorities in Singapore, as we conduct our work lawfully, professionally, tactfully and handle all recovery cases with utmost integrity. Our management team is form by a group of EX-POLICE officers with a combined experience of more than 30 years in the debt recovery field and with our knowledge of the Law in Singapore, we dare boldly declare that our recovery tactics which had often been proven successful, are indeed second to none.

What differentiate us from other debt collection agencies is we offer “service guarantee” recovery package to assure our clients maximum efforts will be utilised during recovery and we may succeed in recovering what others had failed, but others are unlikely to successfully recover cases where DMS Group had already handled.

We pride ourselves on the completeness of our trace reports and the fact that many of our clients use our reports for evidential purposes.

We offer one of the most comprehensive screening services available for our clients to effectively evaluate subjects during the application phase.

Our service allows you to quickly turn qualified applicants into credit worthy customers, and help protect your financials from potential problems. This enables your business to avoid financial losses as well as potential liability.

We offer reports which provide information about the applicant’s current financial situation, credit score, payment history, as well as personal data, such as employment and address history.


Global Debt Management

(For Locating of Missing Debtor)

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