Debt Collector Singapore

In need of a professional Debt Collector to recover your bad debts? DMS GROUP, a leading Debt Collection Agency in Singapore, was founded in 2003 by a team of ex-police officers. With a combined experience of more than 30 years in the debt recovery field, we had helped numerous big organisations, SMEs and also individuals to recover their bad debts using recovery tactics that had been proven successful and second to none.

Our knowledge of the LAW in Singapore has always been a plus point in this field and what differentiate us from other debt collection agencies is that we even provide a service guarantee to our clients, which can only shows that what other debt collection agencies can’t collect, we may still be able to collect, but what we can’t collect, then no other debt collector can ever collect.

Lee Tan & Partners
(For Conducting General Recovery)

Asia Dragon Debt Collector

Asian Dragon Collectors Pte Ltd
(Effective On Arrogant & Problematic Debtors)

Global Debt Management
(For Locating of Missing Debtor)

Tan & Tan Partners Pte Ltd
(Litigation Screening)

Professional Debt Collector At Your Service

Whether you are owed money by another business, have a difficult customer who is refusing to pay up on time, or simply unable to get back a loan that you had given to an individual, our Ethical and Robust Debt Recovery Services are designed to deal with any situation imaginable, in an expedient and professional manner.

While we have been engaged by various business sectors for our professionalism and efficiency, there are also many individual creditors, who had given out loans to a friend or acquaintance, that benefited from our various service packages.

So take the first step to recover your money and call us now on (65) 6547 8300 for more information on how our professional debt collector can help you and your businesses today.